A Thrilling Dinosaur Race tells the adventurous story of Jaxon, who uses his imagination to create an action-packed dinosaur race. Jaxon’s excitement reaches an all-time high just before family dinner, when he invites the kids in his family to join him in a race at the dinner table.

This amusing story features dinosaur illustrations full of personality.

Who will win the race? Will it be Jaxon or one of the other kids in the family? Read on to see how the kids’ imaginations come to life in this dinosaur adventure.

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A Note From The Author


 A Thrilling Dinosaur Race was inspired by my kids who love dinosaurs. They love using their imagination and creating their own adventures.

I enjoy watching them just being kids, being silly and having fun. Watching them sparked the idea of this book. 

A Thrilling Dinosaur Race is bursting with imagination and ideal for children who enjoy dinosaurs, creating their own adventures, costumes, and family time. This book is for the future inventors, artists, scientists and leaders. A lovely gift for kids – nieces, nephews, grandchildren or students. 

Bloom bright! – Tamika

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We are  passionate about children’s books that encourage young children to blossom through creativity, adventure-seeking, and imaginative play. Our children’s books show kids just being kids, experiencing everyday situations–joy-filled and curious, silly, and having lots of fun. 

Our heart-warming stories invite readers to see themselves on the pages of Bloom Creative Books. Going on school field trips or imaginary adventures, interacting with family, and overcoming fears are examples of some of the themes we use in our stories to inspire children’s confidence and promote a healthy self-image. 

About The Author


Tamika Prince is a children’s book author, marketing professional, and the founder of Bloom Creative Books. As a mother, watching her children grow, learn and develop, she realized the power of creative-learning and began thinking of ways to encourage it, including reading children’s books.

After reading many children’s books, Tamika began writing stories about her own children’s playtime and experiences growing up. Tamika’s books are known for their creative and imaginative storytelling. 

Tamika Prince