Hello! I am Tamika Prince, founder of Bloom Creative Books. I’m a mom and lover of all things creative. After my first son was born, I knew I was different because I really enjoyed a lot of the mundane tasks that other new moms complained about. 

I also became passionate about the little things from observing personality traits to participating in field trips and play time, to reading books; if it had to do with my kids, I loved it and strived to be the best mom I could be. 

As I watched my little humans grow, learn and develop, I realized the power of creative-learning and began musing different ways to encourage that skill into their development. I enjoyed reading children’s books, so when I had the idea to write one, I was definitely up for the challenge. 

My first children’s book, Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure, was produced through self-education in children’s book writing and self-publishing. I spent hours researching and learning from online guides, but it was well worth the effort when my book received five-star reviews from customers and was purchased by hundreds across the country. As a result of my success, I started Bloom Creative Books, a book company focused on creating and distributing books that encourage young children to blossom through creativity, adventure-seeking, and imaginative play.

I also wanted to offer support to aspiring children’s book authors, so I developed the Bloom Creative Books Program. It offers e-courses and one-on-one coaching to walk aspiring authors, step-by-step, through the process of blooming their own creative books into published works. With a background in marketing and project management, I designed the Program to help authors bridge the gap from book draft to finished book, ready to print and sell. My course organizes the steps and offers a proven process to get to the desired goal of publication. This e-course takes the guesswork out of self-publishing. I did it, and know others can do it too!

Whether you landed here to purchase one of my children’s books or learn more about how I can help you connect the dots and publish your own book, I look forward to connecting with you.