Welcome to Bloom Creative Books. Creating and distributing children’s books is our way of planting seeds of creative-learning in the minds of children, families, and teachers around the world. We are passionate about children’s books that encourage young children to blossom through creativity, adventure-seeking, and imaginative play. Our books show kids just being kids, experiencing everyday situations–joy-filled and curious, silly, and having lots of fun. 

Our heart-warming stories feature racially diverse characters and invites readers to see themselves on the pages of Bloom Creative Books. Going on school field trips or imaginary adventures, interacting with family, and overcoming fears are examples of some of the themes we use in our stories to inspire children’s confidence and promote a healthy self-image. 

Bloom Creative Books — children’s books that children, families and students can cherish for a lifetime.

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Our Tree Adventure shares the exciting journey of siblings James and Jade, who set out to explore the massive tree in their new front yard.

Join the inquisitive siblings as they climb the tree, discover intriguing animals, and learn interesting facts along their adventurous journey.

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A Thrilling Dinosaur Race

A Thrilling Dinosaur Race tells the adventurous story of Jaxon, who uses his imagination to create an action-packed dinosaur race. Jaxon’s excitement reaches an all-time high just before family dinner, when he invites the kids in his family to join him in a race at the dinner table.

Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure is an exciting autumn story filled with excitement! Every day of the week becomes a day of discovery for Justin as his teacher presents something new for the children to learn about pumpkins in the classroom. 

Our Tree Adventure

Our Tree Adventure shared the exciting journey of siblings James and Jade, who set out to explore the massive tree in their new front yard.

Book Reviews

My son loves this book!!! This was a great addition to his book collection. If you are looking to increase your kid’s vocabulary, while reading an exciting and an adventurous book. This book is for your family!!!

A Thrilling Dinosaur Race - Jessica S., Parent

The adventure Justin and his friends have during the trip and the everlasting memories they create are beautiful. The illustrations by Devin Smith do full justice to the story, and the characters and scenes come alive with those adorable and enchanting illustrations. It is a perfect story for any season because it makes children understand the importance of going on a field trip.

Justin's Pumpkin Patch Adventure - Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

This book is a must have for not only children who are dinosaur lovers, but all age appropriate children. This book was written with the thought of being relatable as well as entertaining. My son was extremely engaged throughout the entire story. He chimed in to name some of the dinosaurs before I could get to the word. Usually he just listens as I read other stories, but this book definitely created a spark. Kudos to the author for capturing the type of stories children need.
A Thrilling Dinosaur Race - Erica Epps, Teacher

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