Children’s Book – A Thrilling Dinosaur Race (Hardback)

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A Thrilling Dinosaur Race tells the adventurous story of Jaxon, who uses his imagination to create an action-packed dinosaur race. Jaxon’s excitement reaches an all-time high just before family dinner, when he invites the kids in his family to join him in a race  at the dinner table.

1 review for Children’s Book – A Thrilling Dinosaur Race (Hardback)

  1. Erica Epps (verified owner)

    This book is a must have for not only children who are dinosaur lovers, but all age appropriate children. This book was written with the thought of being relatable as well as entertaining. My son was extremely engaged throughout the entire story. He chimed in to name some of the dinosaurs before I could get to the word. Usually he just listens as I read other stories, but this book definitely created a spark. Kudos to the author for capturing the type of stories children need.

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