Children’s Book – Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure (Paperback)

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Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure is filled with excitement! Every day of the week becomes a day of discovery for Justin as his teacher presents something new for the children to learn about pumpkins in the classroom. As each activity builds up Justin’s curiosity for his special pumpkin-picking experience, he cannot wait to get to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday. With his classroom friends by his side, visiting the Pumpkin Patch becomes the experience of a lifetime—a thrilling childhood adventure he will never forget!

Read on and explore the magic of how Justin’s imagination and curiosity come to life through Tamika Prince’s cheerful word play and Devin Smith’s colorful and fun illustrations.

5 reviews for Children’s Book – Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure (Paperback)

  1. tprince124 (verified owner)

    Awesome children’s book.

  2. stormi harmon (verified owner)

    My 5yo daughter LOVES this book! Such a perfect addition to our fall homeschool unit!!!

  3. Justin

    What an awesome children’s book and adventure it takes the readers on!

  4. Emil Henning

    A very cute story with dynamite illustrations.

  5. Kanesha Mitchell

    Review for Children’s Book – Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure (Paperback)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • tprince124 (verified owner)

      Thanks for your kind review, Kanesha! We’re ready for the pumpkin patch too!

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